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Want all the great benefits of our standard ESA Preventative Maintenance Program, but need a program that’s better suited to your busy schedule? We’ve got you covered. Albemarle Heating & Air is now partnering with Sensi Smart Maintenance. As a result of this partnership, we are proud to offer two additional preventive maintenance programs: SMART and SMART Plus. Get the best tune-ups on your HVAC system with these top-of-the-line programs.

Check for Wi-Fi

Sensi smart technology only works if your home has Wi-Fi. In order to get live updates, analysis, and recommendations from the experts at Sensi smart, they need to communicate with your system through Wi-Fi.

System Requirements

Not all HVAC systems are compatible with Sensi technology. To see if your heating or air conditioning unit is eligible for our programs, please call today.

Install Sensi Smart Kit

For a one-time installation fee, you get the Sensi Monitor, Sensi Touch Thermostat, and 10 Sensors. You save $100 if you already have a Wi-Fi communicative thermostat.

Get SMART with our System Maintenance Program

Albemarle Heating & Air offers a SMART and SMART Plus Maintenance Program. Both programs offer the heating and air repair discounts, multi-system discounts, reduced diagnostics, peace of mind, and the other benefits (excluding the semi-annual tune-up) of the ESA Preventative Maintenance Program.

In addition to those benefits, you receive:

  • 32 Point Check on your Equipment, Every Time It Runs
  • Around-the-Clock Monitoring
  • Filter Reminders
  • Efficiency Score for the System
  • Equipment Problem Alerts and Recommendations
  • Live Data
  • One Annual System Check by One of Our Experienced Technicians (SMART Plus Only)

Not Sure What’s the Right Option For You?

Call Christy at (434) 293-4556 or use our online form if you need help selecting the best Maintenance Program for you. Heating and air conditioning repairs in Charlottesville can be expensive, so let’s see if getting SMART is the best option for you. Also, check out our Google reviews!

Albert Einstein Infographic of the Smart Maintenance Program

NOTE: Your SMART and SMART Plus Maintenance Program agreements are NOT an insurance policy. The agreement provides for inspections and maintenance along with discounts on parts and services as described herein. We reserve the right to cancel or modify this program without notice.

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