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Our ESA Preventative Maintenance Program Serving Albemarle & Fluvanna Counties


Lack of maintenance can lead to sudden and unexpected equipment breakdown, poor performance, and higher utility bills. At Albemarle Heating & Air, we recommend an Energy Savings Agreement (ESA) for your heating and AC equipment. We offer residential and commercial maintenance agreements to keep your home or business cool and comfortable all season long.

Don’t Skip AC Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance will maximize efficient operation, extend useful life, and allow or technicians to monitor wear and tear and address potential problems before you incur a major expense. Our ESA Preventative Maintenance Program includes two precision tune-ups each year to ensure our system is operating at peak efficiency throughout the year. Members enjoy additional benefits, such as service discounts, continuous comfort, lower utility bills, keeping your warranty intact, and priority service for unexpected problems.

Precision Tune-Ups

Routine maintenance can alert you to potential problems and ensure optimal equipment performance. Our precision tune-ups are designed to ensure that your air conditioning system is functioning properly. We have developed an extensive tune-up protocol for AC maintenance in Charlottesville, making our service the most complete and thorough tune-up in the local area.

During a precision tune-up, our technicians:

  • Check the Operation of the Thermostat
  • Tighten all Electrical Connections
  • Record the Voltage and Amperage
  • Monitor CO Levels
  • Clean or Replace Filters
  • Check the Fan
  • Check Refrigerant Pressure
  • Inspect for Refrigerant Leaks
  • Inspect Duct Connections

As an ESA customer, you will always enjoy priority service, should you have a problem with your air conditioner. ESA customers within 15 miles of Charlottesville are guaranteed same day service for maintenance plan members and available to other customers.

If you need more information or want to schedule a maintenance service, please call (434) 293-4556 or use our online form for an appointment. Check out our Google Reviews!

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