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Boiler Installation & Service in Albemarle & Fluvanna Counties

Boilers release heat through radiators, infusing the room with heat from object to object, rather than through a vent. This creates a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere inside your home. If you are interested in a new boiler, need a repair, or require maintenance of your existing equipment, call Albemarle Heating & Air. Our expert technicians offer installation, repair, and maintenance of boilers in Charlottesville and surrounding areas.

How Boilers Work

Boilers work by heating water. The heated water provides either hot water or steam for heat, which is then distributed throughout the house through steam radiators, baseboard radiators, or radiant heat systems. High-efficiency boilers offer a comfortable, energy-efficient, and clean source of heat for your home.

The advantage of boilers for home heating include:

  • Space – Boilers come in all different shapes and sizes and you can choose a model that doesn’t require extra space.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Modern day boilers are very environmentally friendly as they don’t rely on fossil fuels to provide heat.
  • Energy Efficiency – Electric boilers don’t require a flue and that means that your heat doesn’t escape. This gives electric boilers almost 100% efficiency.
  • Quiet Operation – Boiler design has improved dramatically over the past few years. This means that boilers are now much quieter than their predecessors ever were. This means you have more options as to where a boiler could be kept on your property.

When choosing a boiler system, it is important to make sure it is the right fit for your home. Annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) is the metric to measure boiler efficiency. The number notes how efficiently the heating system converts energy to heat. So a boiler with an AFUE of 90% tells you that 90% of the energy in the fuel is becoming heat, only losing 10%. Because boilers don’t require ducts, there is less energy loss.

Boiler Repair & Maintenance

We can help keep your system operating efficiently with services for repair and maintenance of boilers in Charlottesville. Our maintenance program provides an inspection and tune-up of your system including cleaning the heat exchanger, inspecting the components, and testing all valves and controls. Early detection helps stop an issue before it develops into a bigger problem.

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