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If you live in or around Charlottesville, you know how hot and humid things can get in the summer. Nothing is worse than finishing a long day at work, only to come back to a humid home. Not only does excess humidity cause discomfort for you and your family, it also adds excess wear and tear to your heating and air conditioning systems. This is where Albemarle Heating & Air’s Charlottesville humidifier services come in.

At Albemarle Heating & Air, we have over 30 years of experience providing exceptional HVAC service, and we proudly offer whole-home humidifier systems to homes throughout Charlottesville. Our team can install, repair, maintain, and replace both humidifier and dehumidifier systems to maximize your comfort. We are a fully credentialed, highly-trained, and award-winning team, ready to get your space back to your standards of comfort in no time.

Benefits of a Whole-Home Humidifier

When thinking of your home’s comfort, humidity might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, keeping your humidity levels under control can have some surprising benefits.

Four benefits of installing a humidifier:

  1. Saves you money: Humid air can make your space feel warmer, saving you on cooling and heating costs.
  2. Preserves your HVAC systems: Air that is overly humid or dry can have drastic effects on your heating and AC system—causing system breakdowns and otherwise avoidable repairs.
  3. Increases your indoor air quality: Both overly dry and excessively humid air can affect your indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can expose you to bacteria, viruses, and other airborne contaminants.
  4. Reduces allergy and asthma symptoms: When your indoor air quality suffers, your respiratory system also suffers, which means anyone with allergies and asthma can experience more severe symptoms.

Tailored Solutions & Proven Results

Albemarle Heating & Air is determined to keep our neighbors comfortable all year long, and we offer a variety of high-quality products, including Aprilaire Humidifiers, to provide tailored solutions to your home’s unique needs. Whether you need to increase or decrease the level of humidity in your space, we have the answer. Our team has won dozens of awards for our excellent workmanship and we continue to garner 5-star reviews from customers for our unparalleled customer service. Our EPA certified and trained technicians also offer a wide array of additional indoor air quality services to increase the cleanliness and freshness of your space.

Please contact us at (434) 293-4556 or by clicking here to arrange an appointment for your free in-home estimate in Albemarle, Fluvanna, Louisa, Nelson, Augusta, Madison, Greene, and Orange counties. Check out our Google Reviews!

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