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Innovative Technology For Your Home

At Albemarle Heating & Air, we stay up-to-date on all the latest advances. Technology has provided solutions to specific challenges. We offer smart products in Charlottesville to help you customize your air conditioning experience and monitor the operation of your heating and air conditioning system.

Advanced Technology And Smart Products For Your Home

Programmable thermostats such as The Nest allow you to customize your air conditioning schedule when you are not at home. They, for example, can raise the temperature when everyone is out of the house and return to your desired temperature in time for your arrival. The Nest is a best-in-class thermostat offering a variety of unique features.

The Nest Pro Offers Innovative Features That Include:

  • Auto scheduling to program itself
  • A nest leaf icon to indicate energy-saving temperature settings
  • Remote operation through Wi-Fi and your smartphone
  • Safety temperature alerts sent to your mobile device
  • Home away assist to automatically turn itself down when nobody’s home
  • Review your energy history for usage information

We are a licensed Nest Thermostat Pro dealer. As such, purchasing through us offers the advantage of professional installation and an extra three years on the standard two year warranty.

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