Your Heating Bills and Stink Bugs: Two Birds With one Stone

heating bills

Heating bills and stink bugs are both just facts of life in Virginia: we just have to deal with them. But what do these starkly different nuisances have in common? Other than the fact that we’d rather not have to worry about them, of course? The answer may surprise you: the higher your heating bill is, the more likely you are to find stink bugs in and around your home. 

Pricier-than-normal heating bills are more common than you think. You’re probably paying more money than you need to without even knowing it. These unnecessary price hikes are due in large part to inefficient heating and preventable energy loss.  

Remember the Little Red Guys? In the winter they’re leaving your house (after you’ve paid to create them) through leaks in your home. Leaks leading to heat loss include everyday things such as drafty windows and doors, insecure basements with cracked foundations, recessed lighting fixtures, cracks/imperfections in walls and ceilings, and fireplaces.

The astute reader will be making the connection right about now. When it gets cold outside the Little Red Guys want to leave and the stink bugs want to come inside. And they use the same leaks and cracks. So what’s a homeowner to do? Before you can seal the leaks you have to be able to find them. Some are easy because you can see daylight, while others are not as obvious. 

To find the less than obvious leaks and cracks you can perform an infiltration test. Using a “blower door” you house is put under a negative pressure that exaggerates normal infiltration making it easier to locate the leaks. Once the leaks are identified you can begin to seal them. By doing so, you’ll lower your heating bills and raise your level of comfort, and at the same time make it Hader for those pesky stink bugs to come in for the winner. Effectively “killing two birds” with one stone. 

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