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Six Steps to Air Comfort

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Honeywell Inc. took the answers from an extensive survey of homeowners and compiled a Homeowners’ Top 10 Pet Peeves. Number 1 on the list was the inconsistent temperature in the home. In the words of Goldilocks, they were too hot or too cold . . . most likely related to a heating and air conditioning problem. In fact, 8 out of 10 of the Pet Peeves on the list could be related to the home‘s heating & air conditioning system. That’s why at Albemarle Heating & Air, we’ve invested in both the training and equipment necessary to help improve or eliminate air comfort issues in the Charlottesville area.


The list of pet peeves are only the symptoms. Too hot, too cold, utility bills too high, etc. Just like going to the doctor, there are different levels of exams or testing that a doctor would have to perform in order to prescribe treatment. In the medical community, there is an expression: “Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.” At Albemarle Heating & Air, we hold ourselves to the same level. “We truly care about your health, safety and comfort” are not just words strung together to create a marketing tag line. It’s our commitment to you and it’s backed up by the amount of time and money we’ve invested in both training and equipment, so we can provide you with the best “prescription” based on a thorough diagnosis.


If it’s anything but “Just Right”, we can help you find out why. Our Basic Health, Safety, Comfort & Efficiency Assessment is your first step. We’ll look beyond the common symptoms (too hot, too cold, utility bills too high, too dusty) and provide you with the best prescription based on our thorough diagnosis. The Basic Health, Safety, Comfort and Efficiency Assessment, normally $179, is yours FREE when you join our ESA Preventative Maintenance Program. Take the first step to making your home “Just Right”, call “Goldi” today at 434-293-4556.

STEP 1: You Tell Us
First, we ask a lot of questions. Nobody knows how well your system is performing better than you. By investing the time upfront, we’ll be sure to understand what issues need to be addressed the most. We’ll want to know which rooms are the most comfortable, and which ones are the least. Having your utility bills handy will make it easier to compare your home with others like yours.

STEP 2: Measure Up
The majority of contractors will quote an exact replacement without determining whether your equipment is properly sized. We will draw your home, focusing on window sizes, insulation, solar orientation, and more. Using that data, we’ll perform a heat loss/heat gain calculation to make sure your equipment is sized correctly and each of your rooms receives the exact airflow to keep you comfortable.

STEP 3: Don’t Guess, Test
If you don’t test you’re just guessing. It may be an educated guess, but it’s still a guess. We don’t guess with your health, safety and air comfort as it relates to your heating & air conditioning system. We measure the “static pressure” of your air conditioning system, the actual BTUs your equipment is producing and the airflow and BTUs delivered to each register in your home. It’s an interesting process and we invite all of our customers to participate to see for themselves how well their system is performing.

STEP 4: Add Up The BTUs
It’s all about the BTUs. Using the data collected during Step 3 we use an exclusive calculation process to rate your system’s delivered efficiency. The difference between what your equipment is rated to do and what it actually delivers can be significant. And, you can feel it with a lower level of air comfort and higher utility bills.

STEP 5: Solutions
Once we’ve done a thorough diagnostic we can now offer you a “prescription” for greater air comfort and lower utility bills. We’ll provide you with a proposal tailored to meet your needs and fit your budget. Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised by our process because they haven’t received the same level of detail from any other contractor.

STEP 6: Be Sure, Test Out
Once you’ve decided on the solution that best meets your needs and budget, we’ll schedule the work to begin. Once the work is completed, the next step is to “test out” your system. We’ll confirm, in writing, that your new system delivers the performance as promised. The report will include the delivered BTUs and efficiency, as well as actual airflow to each room. This final step will give you peace of mind knowing that you’ve gotten what you’ve paid for and you’ll enjoy the return on your investment for years to come.

If you are ready to get started getting your home’s air comfort back on track, call us at 434-293-4556 today or click here. We are proud to serve customers throughout Albemarle, Fluvanna, Louisa, Nelson, Augusta, Madison, Greene, and Orange counties! Check out our Google Reviews!

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