Carbon Monoxide Detectors: What You Need to Know in Your Charlottesville Home 

carbon monoxide detector in Charlottesville

There are fewer threats to you and your family’s safety more insidious than a carbon monoxide (CO) leak. An odorless, tasteless, and virtually undetectable gas produced by combustions, carbon monoxide slowly suffocates and eventually kills those who are unaware of its presence. There are far too many stories in the news of people passing away in the night due to a preventable carbon monoxide leak. If that wasn’t enough to convince you you need a carbon monoxide detector in your Charlottesville home, we’re not sure what will. The importance of a CO detector cannot be understated; here’s everything else you should know to keep yourself and your family protected. 

What Kind of Detector Should I Have:

If you’re reading this, you likely already have some form of detector in your home. But do you have the right detector for your property? Different brands and models exist, of course, but the main differences lie in how they are powered: battery or directly connected to your home. There are also professionally monitored carbon monoxide detectors, which immediately alert paramedics when they go off, should the members of the household be indisposed by the harmful gas. 

Where Should I Place My Carbon Monoxide Detector?

The state of Virginia does not require detectors in homes across the board as some other states do. That said, it’s still a very good idea to have them installed. Standardly speaking, you should have at least one detector on every floor of the property, close to bedrooms, and near any fuel-burning appliance that could give off the lethal gas. Such appliances include:

  • Lanterns 
  • Furnaces
  • Room heaters
  • Fireplaces
  • Gas water heaters 
  • Grills
  • Motor Vehicles

Detectors should be placed above such devices and, if possible, away from windows and doors.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Lifespan and Maintenance in Charlottesville 

Like any appliance in your home, your detector needs to be kept up and maintained. Like your smoke detectors, you should be replacing batteries in your detectors on a regular basis. On average, a detector will last for about five to seven years before needing to be fully replaced. If you notice anything unusual about your detectors, do not hesitate to contact Albemarle immediately. Fixing a malfunctioning detector is a top priority. 

Ultimately, functioning carbon monoxide detectors are extremely important both in Charlottesville and points beyond. If  your home lacks at least one detector, call a professional immediately. Quick action makes all the difference! 

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