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Geothermal heat pump systems offer a clean energy solution and much lower operating costs, especially when compared with conventional heating and cooling systems. The professionals at Albemarle Heating & Air offer design, installation, and service of geothermal systems in Charlottesville and the surrounding areas. As an authorized Waterfurnace dealer with years of geothermal experience, we are the company to meet all your geothermal needs.

How Geothermal Systems Work

A geothermal heat pump works on the same basic principle as a conventional heat pump. The geothermal system transfers heat from the ground into your home to warm it in the winter months. In the summer, it reverses direction and transfers heat from your home to cool the air.

Geothermal systems offer significant advantages, including:

  • Clean, renewable energy: Geothermal heat pumps emit no greenhouse gases, which is better for the environment and indoor air quality.
  • Substantially lower operating costs: A geothermal heat pump can reduce your heating costs from 30 to 60% and between 20 and 50% for air conditioning.
  • Quieter operation: The lack of an outdoor compressor or fan makes these systems much quieter than conventional heat pumps.
  • Low maintenance: Fewer moving parts means less maintenance is required
  • Longer lifespan: Geothermal systems last about 25 years, which is about 10 years longer than conventional heating and air conditioning equipment.

Though these systems save money long-term, the initial cost is substantial. The energy savings can help offset the cost of a geothermal system; per Waterfurnace, many homeowners see a return of 10-20% over the lifetime of their Waterfurnace geothermal systems. If you are planning to stay in your home for years, you will recoup the initial installation costs. When installing a geothermal system during construction, you can include the upfront costs in your mortgage.

Custom Systems for Your Home

A geothermal system is easiest to install during new construction, but retrofits are possible. When adding this type of system to an existing home, ductwork modifications may add to the cost of the project. Our team of experts has the professional expertise to design a properly sized system and ensure precision installation for an efficient system.

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