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Ductless Air Conditioning Solutions

A mini-split system offers consistent comfort and energy efficient operation.  Our skilled technicians will install a mini-split system in Charlottesville. We offer free in-home estimates to help you find the best option to satisfy any heating or cooling need. If you want air conditioning in a home or addition without ducts, call Albemarle Heating & Air.

Home Comfort without Ducts

Installing central air conditioning is difficult and expensive in homes without ducts. Many homeowners in Charlottesville find a cost-effective solution with a mini-split system. These systems consist of an outdoor compressor and a wall mounted indoor unit that is installed in the area where air conditioning is needed.

Mini-split systems offer benefits that include:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Quieter Operation
  • Ease of Installation
  • Less Heat Gain/Loss

In a home with central air conditioning, up to 25% of your conditioned air can be lost to leaky ductwork, pollutants, allergens, and other particles that enter with the conditioned air. Because mini-split systems have no ducts, the system is more efficient. Because separate systems are used in different areas of the home, you can restrict use to the areas you are using and save money by not air conditioning less frequently used areas of the home.

Ductless Equipment Options

While most mini-split systems are air conditioners, there are models that provide both heat and air conditioning, like conventional heat pumps. As with all heating and air conditioning equipment, proper sizing is important for maximum performance and comfort. We can evaluate your space and recommend the best equipment to provide a comfortable atmosphere and lower home energy costs.

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