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The versatility of mini-split systems makes them ideal for air conditioning installation in spaces where installation of ductwork is not practical or cost prohibitive. Albemarle Heating & Air provides Mitsubishi and Daikin mini split systems in models that offer air conditioning and all in one heating and cooling systems.

Advantages of Mini-Split Systems

The biggest reason people choose mini-split systems in Charlottesville is a lack of ductwork in the home. Older homes and those with furnaces and baseboard radiators often do not have ducts and adding them can be expensive or impossible. A ductless system allows you to still enjoy a cool and comfortable atmosphere in your home.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Mini-split systems work on the same basic principle as a conventional heat pump by transferring heat from a colder space to a warmer one. Mini-split systems have an indoor unit mounted on the ceiling or wall and connected to a compressor outside. A small hole in the wall is all that is needed for installation. There are high-quality models that are designed to provide air conditioning or both heat and air.

A few of the available options for ductless systems include:

  • 15 Series Wall- Mount19 Series Wall – Mount
  • AURORA Wall & Floor – Mount
  • LV Series Wall – Mount
  • LV Series Slim Duct
  • AURORA Multi – Zone
  • MXS Series Multi – Zone

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